EV Software

Commercial & Residential


The easiest to use charging application on the market.

Designed for both residential and commercial settings. Easy step charging. Interactive map of charging locations. A full driver profile and charging history at palms reach.

Download our app to view the location of charging stations.

Charging Steps

Download the “GET Electric” app in the App Store or Google Play.
Follow the steps in the “GET Electric” app to create your profile, then add your payment method in the “My Wallet” section of the “Account” tab.
Plug the GET Electric Charging gun into your EV.
In the “GET Electric” app, press “Scan QR” at the bottom of the screen, and scan the QR code on the sticker located on the side or next to the charger.
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Initiate charging

Begin charging with our app within seconds with our QR code system.

Charging locations

Use our interactive map to view your nearest GET Electric charger.

Charging History

View all past charging sessions in the Charge History section of our app.



The most advanced Charging Management system on the market.
Having been designed from the ground up to work for GET Charging commercial owners, our charging management system allows you to monitor your entire network of chargers.


Using the GET CMS gives you access to al you need to keep control of all aspects of your charging network and is universal no matter what EV charger you have.
Check the status of all networked chargers.
Remote update charger firmwares.
Load management
Control power limits on GET chargers dynamically (extra hardware required) or manually.
Charging station management
View and adjust charging prices and see revenue produced.
Media display features (22kw Double Bowser model only)
Remote upload and schedule custom promotional material: posters and videos;
Monitor users
View transactions, usages and issue GET tags for non-app charging.
Smart dashboard allows you to see breakdown of charger usage per state or other filters.