EV Home Chargers

EV Home Chargers

Investing in a home EV charger offers you convenience and flexibility! All you need to do is plug in your electric car in the evening, and voila - your EV is fully charged in the morning. An EV home charger can be more powerful than standard wall outlets.

At GET Electric, our EV chargers are made in Europe using top-quality components that won't break the bank. Do you want to install an electric car charging station in your home? GET Electric is here for you!

Charging Electric Cars At Home

Are you worried about where to find charging stations? GET Electric can install an electric charging station in your home to make it convenient for you to charge your electric car. We have extensive experience installing a range of charging stations that cater to different EVs.

Our at-home charging stations are compatible with plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Charging electric cars at home is convenient and money, and time-saving. Your vehicle will always be fully charged and ready for use. Having a charging station at home is like owning a fuel station in your own home. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Benefits Of Electric Cars On The Environment

Electric cars are beneficial to the environment. Their primary benefit is the contribution they make toward improving air quality. Here are the benefits of electric cars on the environment:

Electric vehicles do not produce tailpipe emissions
Electric vehicle manufacturers use eco-friendly materials
EVs allow you to reduce your environmental impact
Electric car battery production is becoming cleaner
Even when EVs use fossil fuels, they contribute fewer emissions
EVs help you lower greenhouse gas emissions
Electric vehicles are better for the environment as they use renewable energy
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EV Charging Stations Australia
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Electric Vehicles Home Chargers Features

EV home charging stations vary in different ways beyond EV power. It is essential to evaluate the various features when picking a car charger. Here are electric vehicles' home chargers features:
Permanent or portable
Single or dual-port
Cord length

EV Home Chargers Installers

GET Electric is Australia's pioneering supplier of EV charging and infrastructure. We install a wide variety of charging stations to fit your particular requirements. Our installation process is fast and efficient, and we have a range of fast electric car chargers available.

GET Electric's home chargers are made using high-quality components that will not break your bank and are easy to use. We have experience installing home chargers in Australia. Are you looking for an EV charger installation?

Need Help In Installing EV Chargers In Your Home?

Have you recently purchased an electric vehicle? Would you love to have a charging station in your home?

The easiest way to charge your electric cars at home. Buy your electric vehicle home chargers at GET Electric today.

Residential EV Chargers FAQs

Yes, you can charge an electric car with a regular outlet. You can leave your electric car to charge overnight using a regular outlet. EVs typically come with a standard level 1 120-volt charger that you can plug into a basic household outlet as they do not need any unique installation. For level 2 charging, you need to install a charging station as it is quicker and more convenient.

Several things affect the initial and ongoing cost of charging an electric car at home. The price may vary depending on things like how often you charge your EV, how much energy you need, and the size of your battery. That said, charging your electric vehicle at home is not expensive and can cost far less than petrol. Charging your electric car at home is even cheaper if you have solar panels.

Yes, you can recharge your electric car at home. You can recharge using the slow charger the vehicle comes with or have an at-home charging station installed for safety in-built features and a faster-charging speed.

A significant number of electric car owners charge their vehicles at home. It is cheaper to maintain and fuel an electric car than a standard car. A report by the Driven reveals that an electric vehicle roughly adds about 32% to the average use of your household electricity bill. Several factors influence your total electric bill, including the electric car you own, your household electricity consumption, electricity tariff structure, and annual driving distance.

While you can charge your EV using a standard 120-volt home outlet, for fast charge, you need to install a 240volt outlet for level 2. Public charging stations have 480+ volt outlets. The size of your battery and drive will determine what power supply you need.

Yes, you can charge an EV from home. Typically, you can use standard outlets for a level 1, which you can charge overnight. However, you will need a professional to install a level 2 charging station in your home to charge your EV. 

Several factors will determine whether or not an EV charger increases your home value. For instance, where your home is located can influence whether or not it will increase your home value. Overall, a study by Rivervale Leasing shows that 76% of homes with an EV charger showed an increase in value.

If you have an electric car and would like to charge your car at home, you need an EV charger. It offers you convenience and is time and money-saving.