GET 22kW Fast EV Charger With Floor Standing Enclosure

GET 22kW Fast EV Charger With Floor Standing Enclosure

GET’s 22kW commercial charger provides fast charging to electric vehicles equipped with a three-phase on-board charger. Designed with a type 2 charging socket, the charger is compatible with either type 1 or type 2 cable. Compliant with the industrial standards, this charger uses a MID certified meter to ensure accuracy and built-in RCD to secure safety. The charger can be connected to a charging network with the help of EN-GATE gateway to allow for multiple chargers in one location.
Both control circuit and power circuit are completely isolated. Increased anti-jamming capacity to ensure stable working condition.
Offers creative protection from hit or knockdown. If the inclination angle is over 30°, the unit will terminate power automatically and report the failure to its operating system, removing any danger.
Simple but robust
The tempered glass panel and metal case features are all above industry standard IP65 protection grade. A simple and elegant product, providing quality inside and out.
Built for extreme environments, from -30°C ice and snow season to 55°C heat and direct sunshine. The chargers industrial grade components offer a 15-year design life.

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