Pioneering EV Charging Infrastructure in Australia

Global Electric Transport (GET) is Australia’s pioneering supplier of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and infrastructure.

Specialising in ‘pay per use’ charging, our fully integrated smart system is perfectly suited for commercial and medium to high density residential applications, as well as car park settings.

With an Australian wide footprint of EV charging experts and accredited installers, GET can advise on, design and install our EV charging solution for any property, anywhere in Australia.

GET goes beyond simply installing. Our systems are tailor made to maximise efficiency and provide you with flexibility and peace of mind.

With inbuilt automated load management, as well as sophisticated vehicle monitoring through a state of the art back end system and app, GET is making EV ownership easier and more convenient than conventional petrol powered motoring.

Our innovative model allows GET EV charger owners to generate revenue, control energy loads and pricing, all without lifting a finger.