How Electric Cars Work

How Do Electric Cars Work? 

How Electric Cars Work

As fuel prices continue to hike, many people are switching from regular cars to electric cars. This is because of the numerous benefits that an electric car offers. 

Sure, we’ve all heard that electric cars are great for the environment, but is that all they’re good for? Do they have disadvantages? How do they work? Read on to find out.

What is an Electric Car?

Electric cars, often known as electric vehicles (EVs), are cars that run on electricity instead of liquid fuels like petrol. As a result, they do not pollute the environment. More importantly, they are less costly to use because they use electricity supplied from an EV battery.

Pros and Cons of Owning an Electric Car

The Pros

  • They are Economical to Use

With an electric car, vehicle owners do not have to pay for a gas refill every week. Instead, they can just invest in a high-quality battery pack and have the car charged at public charging stations. Recharging a car is far much cheaper than refilling its fuel tank.

  • Electricity is Renewable

Regular gas fuel is a finite resource because it is made from oil, which occurs naturally on earth. On the other hand, electricity is a renewable energy source making it more reliable. All a car owner needs is an electric vehicle with rechargeable batteries and they are good to go.

  • Requires Less Maintenance

Gas-fueled car owners must do regular servicing and oil changes to ensure that their cars work properly. On the other hand, electric cars require minimal maintenance to keep them working.

  • Can Be Designed to Use both Gas and Electricity

Some electric tesla models can use both gas and electricity to run. These EVs are known as plug-in hybrid power vehicles.

Even though they mainly use electricity, they still have an internal combustion engine. That way, the owner can use regular fuel when they need to.

The Cons

  • They are More Costly to Buy

Despite the cost reductions on gas, electric automobiles are more expensive to purchase than conventional vehicles. 

  • Charging Stations are Not Easy to Find

Normally, electric cars charge at a public charging station. Unfortunately, these stations are not readily available because electric cars are yet to be fully adopted.

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Cars

  1. Availability of Charging Stations

Before buying an EV, car owners must make sure there is a station nearby to power the electric motor by recharging it. In addition, consider the cost per kilowatt-hour kWh of recharging the vehicle.

  1. Does the Car Fulfill Personal Needs?

Even though electric cars have many benefits, they are not for everyone. Therefore, if the family will still need a combustion engine car as a backup, buying an EV does not make financial sense.

How Electric Cars Work

Key Components of an All-Electric Car

  • Auxiliary Battery

The auxiliary battery supplies electricity to run the vehicle’s accessories.

  • The Charging Port

This component allows the car to link to an external power supply and charges the electric battery pack.

  • The DC converter

This converts DC power from the vehicle battery to the lower-voltage power required to operate vehicle gadgets and recharge the supplementary battery.

  • Electric Traction Motor

This motor moves the vehicle’s wheels using energy from the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery. Motor generators are used in some vehicles to provide both drive and regenerative braking.

  • Power Electronics Controller

This unit controls the speed of the electrical transmission motor and the power it generates. It does this by managing the flow of electrical current given by the battery system.

How Do Electric Cars Work?

EVs work with the help of electricity which is stored in batteries. The electricity powers their engines similar to how petrol or diesel fuels a car.

An EV can be charged at home using either a specifically built in-home recharger or a standard wall outlet. Alternatively, car owners can recharge their car batteries at a public charging station.

Final thoughts

Electric cars are a valuable innovation especially now that the world is running out of oil. More importantly, it is an easy way to go green by reducing environmental pollution. Car owners will also save money by using electricity instead of petrol to fuel their cars. Go electric now!

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