Melbourne EV charging hub opens

A new EV charging station called The Hub has opened in Melbourne, catering mainly for inner-city motorists unable to charge at home.

“People living in high-density apartment towers, townhouses and strata buildings with limited off-street parking really are starved for choice because they have very limited ability to charge their vehicle from their own home,” says station builder GET director and founder Srecko Lorbek, also the owner of VACC member-business Lorbek Luxury Cars.

Launched by energy, environment and climate change minister Lily D’Ambrosio, the Port Melbourne station has seven 22kW GET EV chargers with customers using an app and QR code system to start charging.

At The Hub opening are, from left, Lily D’Ambrosio, Srecko Lorbek, VACC chief executive Geoff Gwilym and GET director and chief executive Harry Hamann.


Lorbek thanks the Victorian Government for supporting EVs with charging infrastructure, and echoes VACC’s position on the state’s proposed “EV tax”.

“The Victorian Government is moving in the right direction by recognising internal combustible engine (ICE) vehicles are on the way out and developing public policy and infrastructure to support electric vehicle drivers,” Lorbek says.

“They are also ahead of the curve by anticipating the need for EV drivers to contribute to road maintenance, and whilst the timing of that is a matter for government we support their leadership in advancing discussion and debate.”

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